Fill My Tank

A Crowd-sourcing Fuel Price Watcher

Fact sheet

  • Vehicles in Australia consumed 31186 million litres of fuel in 2010, if just 1/5 of drivers of those vehicles used FMT and saved just 1 cent per litre - that is a saving of $62.37 million a year.
  • A truck driver drives on average 4000 kms a week & uses 2200 litres of fuel - if he uses FMT and saves just 1 cent every time - that is a saving of $1144 a year.
  • Australian drove an average of 14100 kms a year & uses approx. 1700 litres of fuel - if uses FMT and saves just 2 cents every time - $340 a year saved.

Sources: ABS Survey of Motor Vehicle Use 2010


Fuel prices are skyrocketing, but there is a way to save.

Fill My Tank is a crowd-sourcing service aims at providing near real-time fuel prices for every petrol stations across Australia. So next time when you are low on fuel, use Fill My Tank to find a servo with lowest fuel price near you and save!

Being a crowd-sourcing service means that all fuel price reports come from our users and the more people use it, the better it becomes. So start using it today and share it with your friends!

How does it work?

  1. When you are low on fuel, use the Fill My Tank App or this website to check out the fuel prices around you.
  2. Compare prices and distances, get directions using the app.
  3. Fill up and Save. It's that simple.

Spot and Share, it's the cool thing to do.

Whenever you spot a fuel price, share it using the Fill My Tank App to help hundreds of other save. But only do so when it's safe to do so, E.g. Don't if you are driving or at a fuel station:D


By providing real-time fuel prices for every stations online, price transparency is greatly increased and you will be able to make an informed decision as to where to fill up. This hence encourages competition between fuel retailers. With more and more people uses Fill My Tank to find low priced fuel, pressure is placed on retailers with high-priced fuel and could ultimately lead to lower fuel price overall.

Will it work? Of course. FuelWatch by the Western Australian Government makes fuel prices for each service stations available online in Western Australia. And it has been found that the establishment of FuelWatch had resulted in an overall lower fuel price in Western Australia. Let's borrow the quote from FuelWatch website: "Keep your money in your bank - not in you tank!"


Because of the nature of the fuel industry, Fuel prices could get outdated. If you spot a different price, please simply report it using the app. Spot and Share, this is the cool thing to do.

Currently, fuel prices are available through this website and the Fill My Tank app in the Apple App Store. User can contribute to the Fill My Tank database through the iOS App only at the moment. Plans for an app for other mobile platforms are in the pipeline.


Warning: Mobile phones are potentially hazardous if used at a petrol station. Do not operate your phone for any purpose while at a petrol station. Fill My Tank does NOT encourage user to check or update fuel prices when at a petrol station and will NOT be liable for any damages or injury caused by such usage.